Special Operations and Ranges

The critical missions of the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) require a level of contractor support that meets AFSOC standards for combat realism, personnel safety and operational proficiency. AFSOC chose Glacier Technologies from among many companies as the most qualified to meet their demanding requirements.

Glacier provides AFSOC with highly trained and experienced personnel to perform on-site management and support services involving Drop Zone and Landing Zone (DZ/LZ), range support and air crew training.

Glacier furnishes air traffic controllers to conduct air space management operations in support of joint exercises and training events. Our air traffic controllers hold the necessary certifications required to perform Air Traffic Control (ATC) services, and have extensive experience in establishing and marking a DZ/LZ and conducting both fixed-wing and rotary aircraft operations. This includes air operations performed during daylight hours, at night, or in inclement weather. Glacier employees meet stringent government requirements as well as possess a minimum of 10 years experience in DZ/LZ operations.

Glacier personnel provide a variety of other range support functions to include logistics, survey and assessment, operator maintenance of government-furnished equipment, scoring and evaluations, report development and training of Air Force personnel.

Glacier’s management is aware that each separate government installation is unique. A separate management plan is developed to address the needs of each location.
  • Testing events and scoring
  • Training activities
  • Joint exercises and maneuvers
  • Electronic warfare execution
  • Real property maintenance
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Heavy equipment operation
  • Fire department operations
  • Safety implementation
  • Air-to-surface, surface-to- air, operational control
  • Live fire of small arms, air gunnery and inert bombing
  • Gunnery, bombing, air drop and assault landing
  • Electronic warfare
  • Incident control
  • Wildfire management
  • Off-range drops
  • Aircraft emergencies
  • Personnel injuries
  • Exercise planning, training, execution and weather monitoring
  • Planning/directing mass parachute drops of heavy machinery and paratroopers
  • Organization/direction of precision drops
  • Coordination/direction of ground activities, night landings, aircraft marshaling and air assault operations
  • FAA tower certifications, certified air traffic controllers, combat controllers and range control officers
  • Drop Zone/Landing Zone operations

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